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"The Second Star to the Right shines like a Light for You..."

[Independent AU Sora roleplay]

Face Claim: Dan Howell

I am a work of art.
I am to be treated with respect.
And like all temples,
I stand for a reason.
I stand for beliefs.
In my temple,
Only the worthy learn all my secrets
But I welcome those who wish to believe.
To believe the things I believe.
In my temple,
I can keep you safe,
If you have faith in me.
So long as you treat my temple with respect,
I will protect you from the world.
In my temple,
Everyone is happy,
Everyone is equal,
And everyone is kind.
In my temple,
If you learn my secrets,
You can either appreciate what you find,
But you may not like what you find.
In my temple,
If you desecrate me,
Or violate me,
And my trust,
And my kindness,
I will not forget.
And the damage you did
Will stay with me
Until someone repairs it.
In my temple,
If you damage me,
And you do not fix it,
You will not be forgotten.
In my temple,
Whatever secrets you find,
It is up to you to choose
Whether they affect your trust
In my promise to protect you.
In my temple,
If you leave because of what you discover,
I will always wish that you will come back.

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